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Natural self tanning

2 Min Read Wednesday 20th February 2013

CocoaButterWhat’s in fake tan?

Sunless tanning creams combine natural ingredients to create a rich tan.

Finding a natural-looking fake tan has never been easier. Treat your skin to sienna X sunless tanning products and become a golden goddess without spending a fortune on a holiday in the sun.

Our award-winning formulations are perfect for building a flawless coverage of gorgeous colour and each ingredient has been specially selected to feed and nourish the skin. Indeed all of our self tanning products boast an assortment of skin rejuvenating ingredients that will help you to feel super confident, attractive and alluring.

You’ll find cocoa butter and sweet almond oil, known for softening, moisturising and restoring elasticity to the skin, as well as healing aloe vera and lemon peel oil in Gradual Glowing Self Tan. This is one of our most popular fake tan products because the gentle colour can be built up slowly, creating a subtle yet noticeable tan. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a healthy glow rather than a full-on tan, which can be achieved with the help of one of the other key products in our leading range, Dark Glowing Self Tan.

Combining green tea and marigold, the ingredients in Dark Glowing Self Tan prevent premature ageing, enhance the skin tone and boost the skin’s regenerating properties. Guarana seed extract, lemon peel oil and butcher’s broom are three components that prevent and reduce the build up of cellulite; this trio of ingredients work to even out and smooth the top surface of the skin when teamed with a radiant sun-kissed colour.

We certainly recognise the benefits of using the very best of nature in our formulations. Try our products today and we guarantee that you will too!

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