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Muscle defining spray tans for Monsieurs

2 Min Read Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Come on guys – give your skin some TLC.

A spray tan will add vibrancy to your skin and help you to appear leaner, fitter and stronger.

Poor fellas; your beauty needs are often ignored by the cosmetic industry in favour of perfecting lipsticks, lotions and lacquers for the ladies. But we are here to support you dear sirs so that you can feel as body confident as all those golden gals who have discovered the magic of a Sienna X spray tan.

Let us nourish your neglected skin with a luxurious fake tan, hydrate it with moisturising ingredients and leave it looking naturally bronzed and healthy. Need some more encouragement? Check out our list of reasons why men should try a spray tan:

1. Camouflage. Just a light coverage of sunless tan can hide all manner of blemishes and scars on the skin. Even the appearance of stretch marks, that can often come about as a result of weight training at the gym, can be lessened with a layer of tan.

2. Slim. When cleverly applied, a spray tan can instantly help the body to appear longer, leaner and muscular. A darker shade of colour sprayed onto the sides of the arms, torso and legs draws the eye inwards creating the illusion of a slimmer physique.

3. Define muscles. Tanning highlights existing muscle, adding extra definition and shape to the triceps, biceps, obliques and quads. Even though dark tanning solution is used by bodybuilders to accentuate their muscular look, even a delicate tan will have a similar effect.

4.  Moisturise. Sienna X tanning solutions are nourishing and moisturising. They add radiance and shine to the skin and are especially good for hydrating the face, which can often feel dry and uncomfortable as a result of daily shaving.


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