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Men's leg waxing

2 Min Read Tuesday 15th October 2019

Chest waxing is a common beauty treatment among men who want to draw attention to their six pack and look instantly leaner and firmer. Lots of fellas opt for underarm and back waxing too because it helps to reduce body odour that can occur following intense periods of exercise and perspiration.

But how many male clients do you have who pop in for a regular leg wax?

Promoting leg waxing for men can be tricky when it’s not about accentuating the abs. Having said that, men’s leg waxing is a brilliant treatment for cyclists, swimmer and runners — a smoother body can actually improve sporting performance because the hair that previously acted as resistance has been removed.

It can also be useful for body builders and general gym goers who are working on building muscle because hair-free legs result in smoother, more comfortable sports massages. These treatments, often required to prevent injury and repair torn muscles, warrant deep tissue manipulation, which can feel uncomfortable among athletes with lengthy hair growth.

When waxing men’s legs, allow more time to account for extra growth. Bear in mind that very long hairs that have curled around themselves could become matted and feel painful as you apply the wax — try to de-tangle these hairs with a comb or use clippers to trim hairs a bit shorter if required. Also opt for a hot or warm wax that you apply with a spatula instead of a wax roller as it can drag long hairs and again cause discomfort. With a strip wax it’s much easier to apply more wax over hairier parts of the body as and when it’s needed.

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