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Matching your make up to your skin tone

2 Min Read Monday 19th September 2011

Small changes to your make up routine could enhance your tanned visage.

However, you might be inclined to ditch your make up bag altogether.

Matching your make up to your tanned skin is essential to looking fresh, modern and youthful.

The wrong eye shadow and lipstick combination can look dated, which is why adjusting your morning beauty regime is essential if you’ve returned from the spray tanning booth with skin that’s darker than your natural colouring.

If you regularly go for spray tan treatments it might be worth investing in a foundation that suits your bronzed skin. If you continue to apply a shade that is closer to your natural skin tone it may look too light so select something slightly darker that suits your choice of concealer. The good news is that you’ll probably be able to get away with applying less product – spray tans reduce the appearance of marks and blemishes, which means there is less to cover up and more to celebrate!

Blusher is another key area that might need to be revised following the application of a spray tan because softer hues, that suit paler complexions, don’t show up well on darker skin. You may want to go for a deeper blush or apply more bronzer to successfully accentuate your cheekbones but before buying any new products experiment with the blushers and tints you already have in your make up bag. Mix up a couple of rouges, layer lipsticks on top of each other to achieve a personalised colour palette or opt for sheer gloss that enhances the existing tones in your lips.

On the other hand you might want to set aside your fail-safe make up products and allow your tan to speak for itself. Looking healthy, fit and radiant might just give you the confidence boost you need to ditch your cosmetic essentials and embrace the beauty of your natural features.

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