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Mastering the art of small talk

2 Min Read Friday 29th September 2017

Keeping the small talk going is tricky when you’re giving someone a bikini wax or fake tanning them while they stand still in just their underwear. It’s definitely awkward but as a beauty therapist it’s your job to ease your client’s nerves and help them to feel relaxed and comfortable during their treatment. With practice, this initial awkwardness fades away but if¬†you’re still at the very beginnings of your beauty career it can be a challenge to keep the conversation going, especially with new clients. Let us lend you a hand with our top tips for mastering the art of small talk:

Have starter questions in mind: simple questions like What are your plans for the rest of the day? or Are you doing anything nice for the weekend? might sound boring but they’re great conversation starters. These open-ended questions also encourage clients to give more than yes/no responses and lead to a wider discussion. You’ll soon find that most people love to talk about themselves when given the opportunity.

Share something of yourself too: a genuine conversation is more than just asking someone a list of questions and waiting for the answers. Include details about yourself so you can build an honest friendship that will hopefully last for many years to come. Find some common ground so you’re both enjoying the conversation — anything from movies and restaurants to gardening and books make fab topics to begin with.

Sense the mood: does your client clam up or give short answers? Maybe their head’s in a magazine? Note their mood and change your behaviour to match theirs so they can enjoy their treatment in an environment that suits their mood.

Keep records: if your client has mentioned that they’re getting a spray tan for a party or special occasion, note it down on their record card so you can ask about it the next time. They’ll love that you remembered and it will make a great starting point for your next conversation.

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