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Are you making the most of loyalty cards?

2 Min Read Wednesday 17th August 2016

Loyalty cards can boost your income if you use them wisely. They have heaps of fantastic benefits and are more than just a gimmick. Integrate them into your business for the long term by using them to promote your treatments, bolster your brand and highlight your beauty philosophy.

Here are 6 more fantastic perks to loyalty cards:

Retain customers

Your longstanding clients deserve a treat for sticking by you and your salon for so long. A loyalty card will give them the chance to accrue a free treatment, a discount or a retail product, which will make them feel valued and appreciated for staying the distance.

Attract new clients

A clever way to attract new clients is to give them a loyalty card¬†that has already been stamped a couple of times. This will create the illusion that they’re just a few treatments away from a freebie and getting something extra for nothing.

Introduce new treatments

If you’ve got clients who always book in for the same treatment, a completed loyalty card might help them to try something new that’s above their normal price range. Once they get a taster of a¬†slightly costlier therapy¬†they might want to try it again at full price.

Double up on recommendations

Got a client who’s recommended your salon to a friend? Give them an extra stamp on their loyalty card and show them that you value their endorsement of your business. Your existing customers are your advocates so keeping them happy is vital to retaining and improving your takings. Plus, if they know that they’ll get a stamp on their loyalty card by talking up your business to their friends they’ll be more likely to boast about your services.

Build client relationships

Note down your clients’ birthdays and¬†give them an extra stamp when their big day arrives. They’ll be one step closer to filling up their card and will love that you remembered their birthday.

Take advantage of a self-sustaining offer

Getting a¬†loyalty scheme off the ground takes very little work. Simply order your cards here, decide which treatments you’d like to offer to those clients who fill them up and start handing them out. This self-sustaining offer will continue to run and run without you having to do any extra promotion.

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