Killer Brows for Halloween

4 Min Read Tuesday 26th October 2021

This Halloween, it’s all about expressing yourself now we can celebrate properly. Whatever your look, we’re here to help you amp it up with 20% off across selected Brow lines throughout October. Great brows are integral to any killer Halloween look. Beauty influencer Aimee Kayman (@aimeekaymanmakeup) has shared her killer brows look, achieved using Sienna X Brow collection products, with this Halloween glam – she gives us the full breakdown and reveals her application secrets here.

Aimee Kayman Brows
Killer Brows using Sienna X by @aimeekaymanmakeup

What was the inspiration behind your Halloween brows look?

I love Halloween and being creative, but I realise a lot of the looks I do aren’t ones people are necessarily going to want to leave the house in! I wanted to show Halloween brows can be glam whilst also still looking a little bit spooky. This is the perfect wearable look and so much more simple than anyone would imagine to do.

What products did you use to achieve the look?

To begin, I shaped my brows using the pencil end of the Sienna X Dark Brunette Sculpting Brown Pencil + Fixing Serum. Then, I then combed them through with the fixing serum end, carving out the shape to give them more of an ‚ÄúInstagram‚Äù vibe. I primed my eye lid and swept on a wash of bronzer, ensuring it would blend to the rest of my face. Next, I sketched my lid shape with a red lip liner; I used this as it’s super easy to fix any mistakes! I then used a red and a black eye shadow and diffused the shades slightly. Now for the Halloween element of this glam – I added liquid blood, I wasn’t too precise with my placement but made sure my shape was visible still. I then went in with black gel liner to create the perfect wing. Add lashings of mascara or falsies and you’re good to go.

Can you share your application tips with us?

I loved using the thinner side of the brow pencil to still keep my brows looking textured! Adding hair-like strokes throughout my brows with the pencil achieved this. I then lightly applied the fixing gel – I find if you go in too hard when you already have product on, you can end up disturbing the product underneath and losing the texture of the individual hair strokes. With the Sienna X Illuminator Duo, my top tip would be to diffuse it out with a small blending brush. It’s super creamy and blends out seamlessly.

What does Killer Brows mean to you?

To me a killer brow is a staple to any makeup look. I don’t feel my makeup looks complete without a full brow. Brows help shape and define your face! They go towards contouring your face without you even realising. This doesn’t mean they need to be thick, fluffy or perfectly carved. It just means they need some TLC and attention to ensure they are seen in whatever way you feel suits you best! They are so underrated and I wouldn’t be able to wear makeup without having a strong brow game.

Do you prefer high definition or fluffy, laminated brows?

On myself I usually go for a more fluffy, laminated look. I have dense, thick brows so I find this the best way to wear mine. However, I do love and sometimes miss a true defined brow. I love when you have the perfect shape and they’re perfectly carved and highlighted! But as for me, I think I’m sticking to fluffy brows!

How will you be celebrating Halloween this year?

I am a huge Halloween fan – I love all the decorations and the spookiness. I’m excited to get dressed up in Halloween glam and go out with my friends! I will be decorating the house, eating a lot of chocolate and of course providing everyone with more exciting Halloween looks on my socials.

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