4 ways to keep a loyal customer base

3 Min Read Thursday 19th January 2023

To maintain a steady and loyal customer base in your beauty business, it’s essential to provide exceptional customer service to both new and returning clients. Here are four key tips to remember when it comes to retaining customer loyalty:

1: Take the time to get to know your client

The number one rule when handling any client is to always remember their name. Clients appreciate when you take the time to learn about them, particularly when asking relevant follow-up questions during their next visit, such as inquiring about their holiday or birthday.

Remembering key details about your clients helps create a deeper bond, leading to increased loyalty and reducing the likelihood that they will seek treatment from other therapists.

Be sure to use your consultation cards to make notes of personal details to ensure your client’s treatment is tailored to them. You can also use them to identify any contraindications that could affect future treatments.

2: Introduce Loyalty cards

Consider introducing a reward scheme for returning clients. After they have a specified number of treatments, they unlock discounts on future sessions. This strategic approach not only promotes repeat bookings, but also cultivates client loyalty, enriching their overall experience with your services. Purchase Sienna X Loyalty Cards here.

3: Make booking easy

Simplifying the booking process is crucial, especially given everyone’s busy lifestyle. Ensuring that scheduling is effortless is a significant plus for clients. We highly recommend the user-friendly Solo booking system or any equivalent. Not only does this make booking a hassle-free experience, but it also plays a pivotal role in efficiently handling cancellations and managing missed appointments. By adopting such a system, you not only enhance the overall convenience for your clients but also contribute to a smoother and more organised operation for your beauty services.

4: Stay positive!

An upbeat attitude can help to uplift your client and leave them feeling happy and refreshed after their treatment. They’ll be eager to return to relax and recharge.

It’s important to remember that clients may arrive at an appointment after having a bad day, and their behaviour may reflect this. Remain positive and professional when dealing with an upset client, as they may not be aware of their attitude.

Remembering personal details, introducing loyalty cards, simplifying booking, and maintaining a positive attitude are key elements. By incorporating these practices, you’re not just offering services but creating lasting connections. Invest in your clients, and they’ll invest in you.

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