James Harknett: Your Guide to Bridal Tanning

4 Min Read Tuesday 9th June 2015

Hello to my fellow Sienna X lovers,

I have a feeling its going to be our busiest summer ever as more and more of us are opting for a Pro Glow! And is it me, or does everyone seem to be gettiing married this year? Bridal tans are becoming so popular; I think women are starting to see that even a very subtle glow makes a huge difference when wearing white – a faux tan really pulls together the bridal look! For me the ultimate wedding tan is something I’m always proud to give to a client. Finishing someone’s skin for the most important day of their life is quite something. When a bride-to-be sits down with me for a wedding tan fitting I ensure that all bases are covered. It’s crucial this tan is flawless and looks timeless in years to come.

Here is my Bridal Tanning Guide, to help you lovely Brides-to-be know what to expect when you attend your tan fittings.

Your First Tanning Appointment

Your first appointment is all about the consultation and the first thing a bride and I discuss is the dress, I like to see a picture if possible so I can gauge how much skin will be showing. We then discuss which areas we want the tan to accentuate, such as the back, back of arms, collar bone and chest.I have found the Sienna X Touché De Soleil 6% formula to be a must-have for the majority of my brides – it’s the lighest spray tan, adding depth to even the palest skin tone, without an obviously tanned finish. Occasionally I will turn to the 8% solution, but only for brides that tan well, or are naturally dark-skinned and find it easy to keep their colour all year-round.

After the initial tanning trial, I always advise brides to take a daily selfie in natural daylight to see which day they prefer the colour on. 

Your Second Tanning Appointment

At your second tanning appointment, your consultation will focus on the results from your initial tan trial. I’ve worked with many make up artists over the years who have always complemented the Sienna X tones. Their feedback has always been a Sienna X tan is a perfect primer for wedding make up; the colour allows for less foundation to be used, eliminating the risk of looking ‘cakey’ on your special day. 

So once you’ve chosen your preferred day (most brides like the look of their tan the most on day two), book in your make-up trial following your second tan.

Your Final Tanning Appointmentyou-and-your-wedding.jpg

The final tan will take place shortly before your big day, at which point your tan will need to be the least of your wedding concerns! By this stage you will be confident that your tan is going to do exactly what you want it to do, so you can relax, and enjoy your treatment.

It’s at this point that I will discuss your honeymoon with you and prescribe products for you to take away based on where you are jetting off to and for how long. A recent bride took a two-week honeymoon in Mexico, so I suggested that she take Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self Tan away with her to keep her skin nourished throughout and to prolong the results of her spray tan. Another bride was planning a short UK-based Mini-Moon due to family commitments, so I offered her Sienna X Radiance Body Balm to extend the wear of her tan and keep her skin looking radiant until she arrived back home again. 

For ladies new to spray tans, my advice would be to remain looking like yourself! Use your tan to even out imperfections and add radiance to your finished look. Dark skinned beauties should aim for a ‘bland to Beyonce’ transformation, whilst the typical English-Rose complexion should take on a ‘peaches-and-cream gleam’. 

My question to brides is – do you want to look naturally radiant, or noticably bronzed? Will your guests be surprised if you choose a darker shade? 

Whichever way you choose to glow, I hope you enjoy your wonderful wedding day – and don’t forget to give yourself time to enjoy it!






 P.S – If you have any questions about tanning, just drop me a tweet!

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