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Invest in your skin

2 Min Read Wednesday 27th March 2013

Spray tanning – the perfect treatment for Spring.

It’s time to take care of your skin with a moisturising sunless tan.

Dosh, dough, moola, quids and coins; money was on everyone’s lips last week as George Osborne revealed the 2013 Budget. But what’s one thing that you can still afford to spend your cash on whatever the season? Your skin! Treating yourself to a radiant spray tan works wonders when it comes to boosting body confidence and feeling like a million bucks.

Feeling great about your body is something that you should never need to sacrifice on. When your skin looks amazing you feel super confident and ultra-attractive, giving you the extra push to become the life and soul of the party. A sienna X fake tan adds a gorgeous finish to the skin that exudes a sun-kissed glow both day and night. It highlights the natural curves of the body, camouflages marks and scars and hydrates the skin with its clever combination of natural ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera.

Plus a professional sienna X sunless tan can last for over a week with the proper care. Simply moisturise your skin everyday with a rich moisturiser, such as Radiance Body Balm, and opt for gentle shower gels, like Balance Body Wash, that are designed to help you retain your tan for as long as possible. Reducing dryness and avoiding the use of harsh products can extend the longevity of your burnished colour, which means you can wait longer between treatments.

You can’t put a price on feeling confident and glamorous – book a sienna X spray tan today and invest in your skin.

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