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International Women's Day 2023

2 Min Read Tuesday 7th March 2023

What we are doing:

In honour of International Women’s Day, for the month of March we will be donating £1 from every sale to BelEVE charity. Who equip girls and young women with the skills, support and confidence to find their voice and make informed choices about their futures. Together donating to BelEVE will enable them to expand their community and empower women on their journey to becoming a boss of their own lives.

Why we want to help:

At Sienna X we are huge community of women. We not only create products to make you feel your best self, by caring for your body. But following from our CEO Nicky, we have national training programs to help and develop women in the beauty industry. We have helped 18,000 women across the UK build knowledge,confidence and the necessary tools in the beauty industry to start their own businesses. Collectively our Sienna X ladies and their businesses have gone on to make £200 Million. We are proud to be apart of a community full of strong independent women.

How can i get involved:

It’s totally easy! All you have to do is add one or a few of our amazing products to your basket and purchase. We will do the rest and donate £1 from each order to BelEVE to contribute to their amazing initiative.

Below are a few of the amazing ladies in our community, speaking on what they love most about their beauty journey:

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