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I'm worried about sweating too much during my wax

2 Min Read Friday 12th October 2018

Don’t let the fear of sweating too much put you off waxing. Everybody sweats a little during a wax and your therapist is trained to expect it anyway. Here are four things to remember to give you the confidence to book that bikini wax:

  1. You’re therapist has seen it all — a few beads of sweat are not going to scare her away. It’s natural to perspire more when you’re in a new or uncomfortable situation, especially if you haven’t waxed before, so don’t get too anxious about it. It’s simply part and parcel of the treatment and every client sweats! You are not the first and nor will you be the last.
  2. If you’re concerned about your sweat glands getting the better of you during common treatments, like intimate waxing or underarm waxing, there’s lots you can do to prepare. For example, apply an anti-perspirant, wear loose, cool clothing made of a natural material like cotton or linen and arrive a few minutes early so you aren’t rushing around. Give yourself a few minutes to calm down while you wait for your appointment to reduce the risk of sweating in the treatment room.
  3. Once your wax has started it’s quite standard for your therapist to use either a soothing oil or a powder on your skin to eliminate excess sweat. Both of these products prep the surface of the skin for the application of wax, making it much more effective at pulling out every hair on the first pull of the strip.
  4. Finally, let your therapist handle it. If you’re sweating so much that it’s affecting the quality of your wax, your therapist will adapt her technique. From applying more talcum powder throughout the treatment to drying off each area with absorbent paper before applying the wax in stages, there’ll always be a way to eliminate that sweat and leave your skin feeling silky, smooth and hair-free.

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