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Should I use a tanning mitt or tanning gloves?

2 Min Read Friday 24th June 2016

Tanning mitt versus tanning gloves? Let the battle commence with the pros and cons of each:

Tanning gloves

Tanning gloves offer√Ǭ†more control than mitts. You can use your fingers to rub the product onto the skin and work it into smaller areas, allowing you to concentrate on creating a seamless layer of coverage. Using gloves also means you’ll be able to√Ǭ†blend the tanner onto your face with more control, focusing on tricky spots like the sides of the nose, ears and chin. It can be a little harder to do this with a mitt, which is why many people opt to remove them at this point and blend the product in with their fingers. **Top Tip: if you don’t have gloves you can cover your hands in a coat of moisturiser and then apply the tanner to your face. Then simply wash the residual product off your fingers and palms.**

Tanning mitts

Tanning mitts√Ǭ†have a textured surface, which makes them perfect for buffing in the product. It’s difficult to overdo it with the colour if you use a mitt because the fibres absorb the tanner and slowly release it as you work√Ǭ†it into the skin in gentle circular motions. It can also be quicker to use a mitt because it has a larger surface area than your hands. Plus, because Sienna X mitts are double-sided you get even more surface area to work with. For example you could use one side of the mitt to apply the product and the other side to buff it in. They are also useful for tanning the backs of the hands because you can gently swipe them over the area to lend the skin a touch of natural-looking colour without creating tell-tale finger marks.

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