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How to wax around body piercings

2 Min Read Friday 23rd March 2018

Waxing around body piercings can be tricky if you haven’t done it before. But follow these tips and you’ll soon feel confident waxing around pierced eyebrows, lip studs and belly button rings:

  1. Is this a fresh piercing? Hold it right there. You must wait until a new piercing has fully healed before attempting to wax around it. Bear it in mind that belly piercings can take up to a year to fully close up unlike piercings around the eyebrows that are much quicker to heal. Waxing over them before they’re healed could lead to irritation, swelling and infection.
  2. Inform your client of any risks before you start so they feel comfortable with the treatment. Let them know that you might not be able to wax right up to the piercing if it’s in a delicate area, for example a Hollywood wax might take a little longer¬† if you have to work around a genital piercing.
  3. Find out if the piercing can be removed. Eyebrow rings can often be taken out before a re-shape or tidy up, which will make your job much easier. Monroe studs can also be removed in order to wax the upper lip. Keep a receptacle nearby so your client can place their stud or ring into to keep it clean.
  4. If the piercing can’t be removed or your client wishes to keep it in, apply a touch of oil to it to guarantee that it doesn’t stick to the wax at any point.
  5. Apply wax around the piercing and hold the skin taut before removing the strip. Hairs that are too close to the piercing to be waxed can be removed individually with tweezers.

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