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How to wax a client when you can't walk around the beauty bed

3 Min Read Wednesday 2nd October 2019

When space comes at a premium, not every waxing salon is lucky enough to have a roomy treatment area. Sometimes you have to place your beauty bed up against a wall and can’t walk around it, forcing you to stay at the same side of your client for the entire session. Other times there’s little to no space at the head or foot of the couch.

All this can make it trickier and more time consuming to complete a treatment. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it! With a few simple techniques and a bit of know how you can carry out an entire leg wax, Hollywood or Brazilian wax in a compact space without making your client feel like they’re the number one contender at a gymnastics event.

First of all move your equipment as close to you as possible to minimise drips — you’ll be leaning over your client’s body to apply the product so do everything you can to boost efficiency and speed.

Work on small sections, rather than large swathes, so you can apply the wax¬† quickly and remove it cleanly. It’s okay to go slowly and take a few extra minutes to double check that you’ve got every hair.

Do your absolute best to bend, stretch and contort yourself rather than risk the discomfort of your client. Having said that, bear in mind to protect your back; you’ll be doing the same thing over and over again with follow up clients possibly all day long. But the good news is that once you master your technique you’ll be experienced enough to wax people who can’t move around easily, such as clients with mobility issues and pregnant women who can’t lay on their stomachs during a leg wax. For example instead of asking clients to turn over to access the backs of their legs, get them to lay on their sides and move one leg forward.

Finally, if you haven’t quite managed to reach every spot ask your client to swivel round and place their head at the other end of the couch. This simply trick will allow you to access the other side of the treatment area without having to stretch over them. It also means you won’t need to carry a loaded spatula, which could potentially drip, to the other side of your client’s leg or underarm. Leave the room if you need to and allow your client plenty of time to readjust so they feel comfortable before you begin again.

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