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How to use Radiance Body Balm

2 Min Read Thursday 30th May 2019

Say it with us — dry skin is the arch enemy of a fake tan.

In fact, the drier your skin, the faster your golden glow will begin to fade. This is because the magic of fake tan only works on the top layer of your skin; when this layer of cells begins to flake away, they inevitably take your colour away with them causing your tan to lighten.

Of course, your skin cells regularly slough off as part of the body’s natural regeneration process so it’s impossible to stop your tan from fading altogether. However, you can slow things down by staying on top of your daily moisturising routine and hydrating your dry skin with a nourishing balm designed for the job.

Radiance Body Balm is THE perfect sidekick to prolonging the life of your sun-kissed glow.¬†A luscious blend of¬†Shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil, it’s a pampering salve for parched skin that locks in your colour and lifts a lacklustre tan.

Apply in the same way as you’d use a regular moisturiser by blending it into your skin with your hands, paying close attention to covering dry areas like the elbows and feet. The non-greasy texture is quick to absorb and the subtle gold-coloured flecks suspended in the formulation instantly brighten the skin, helping to highlight all your best bits. Plus, moisturising daily also encourages a gentle fade-off, free from patches and uneven bits of colour, so that when the time does arrive for a new application of tan you’re skin is perfectly prepped.

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