How to use eyebrow scissors

2 Min Read Friday 6th March 2020

Taming an unruly brow via waxing, threading or plucking is a satisfying task, especially when it beautifully lifts and frames your client’s features to perfection. Achieving flawless eyebrow symmetry isn’t always possible but work towards creating a uniform brow and you can completely overhaul your client’s look in minutes.

Trimming lengthy hairs to lend the brows a groomed and structured finish is often the final stage of a professional brow shape. Here’s how to use eyebrow scissors to neaten up an untidy brow:

  • Brush the brows upwards using a spoolie. The hairs that extend beyond the top of the brow line are the ones you want to trim.
  • Use your slanted eyebrow scissors to gently cut the hairs, taking care to trim only the very tips. The angled design of the fine-edged blade is perfect for isolating each hair and giving you full control of the trimming process so it should be quick and easy.
  • Next, use your spoolie to brush the brows downwards and trim any hairs that extend beyond the natural shape of the eyebrows.

Of course, not every client with lengthy brows will want them trimmed down. Some clients simply like having a bushier, thicker brow that has an organic look and texture. Or you may have a customer who is growing in a set of patchy or scarred eyebrows and likes to fix longer hairs over existing gaps using a setting serum that keeps them in place all day. The key is to ask your client if they’d like their brows trimming after you’ve shaped them so you don’t get into trouble for getting the scissors out!

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