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How to use a clay face mask

2 Min Read Monday 2nd September 2019

Clay face masks are brilliant detoxifiers or ‘deep cleaners’. They absorb excess sebum, toxins, impurities and pollution from the skin, leaving it feeling cleaner, softer and fresher.

The Clay Mask, featured in our new Skincare Collection, combines a trio of natural clays — Kaolin, Bentonite and Pink Clay, which fight dehydration, reduce skin irritation and banish blemishes.

This toning and clarifying clay mask essentially draws out oil and unclogs the pores, making it ideal for acne-prone clients who suffer with regular breakouts and visible blackheads. It’s a fantastic addition to relaxing facial treatments and suits all skin types.

Here’s how to use The Clay Face Mask:

  1. First cleanse your clients face to remove all traces of make up. If possible use a wet flannel, instead of a cleansing wipe, to sweep off cosmetic residue and guarantee all traces of make up have been eliminated.
  2. Massage The Clay Face Mask onto the face and neck in a circular motion using your fingertips, taking care to avoid the eye area. You can also use a mask brush if you prefer. Two scoops of product is recommended per treatment.
  3. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes to allow it to brighten, detoxify and purify the skin.
  4. Remove the product with cotton pads or a textured mitt using a sweeping motion. You can also thoroughly rinse your client’s face with warm water to guarantee the clay is fully removed before gently patting the skin dry.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on How to apply The Clay Mask¬†to achieve a clean, healthy and glowing complexion.

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