How to tint men's eyebrows

2 Min Read Monday 6th January 2020

Ever considered promoting brow tinting to male clients with greying, pale or naturally red eyebrows? A touch of colour instantly lends a thicker and fuller profile to pallid, lacklustre and thinning brows, bringing them back to the forefront and giving them pride of place.

Brow pencils can achieve almost the same effect as tinting but most guys don’t want to deal with the daily faff of pencilling individual hairs in. Tinting lasts longer and provides more control over the final colour of the brows so it’s a brilliant treatment for fellas who want to give their eyebrows a heavier, more masculine feel. It’s little commitment in terms of time and effort but the results are hugely effective for older male clients who are in the salt and pepper stage of life.

The same eyebrow tints you use for female clients are suitable for male clients too, and you can blend them to create a customised colour that suits their skin tone.

How to Use

Prep the colour by mixing Sienna X Brow and Lash Tint with a few drops of Sienna X Tint Cream Developer following the instructions supplied.

If needed, lightly shape the brows first before applying the tint using a birchwood stick. It can help to apply the product in the direction of hair growth and then against it to guarantee every hair is covered from all angles.

Allow the tint to develop for 1-10 minutes (depending on the depth of the desired colour) and wipe it off with a cotton pad to prevent the colour from darkening further.

Bear in mind that it may take grey hairs a longer time to take colour on. Rather than leaving the tint on for a longer single period, apply the product as normal, check to see if it has taken and reapply if required in order to intensify the shade.

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