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How to tan your hands

2 Min Read Friday 1st March 2013

handsBecome a dab hand at self tanning.

Learn how to achieve a sun-kissed finish on your mitts.

The fake tan boffins at sienna X headquarters have done their best to formulate a selection of sunless tanning products that are easy to apply, reduce the risk of streaks and prevent the creation of uneven patches. However, applying self tan to the hands can be tricky even when using the best fake tan in the industry.

It’s vital that you apply some sunless tan to the back of your hands to build up a uniform colour across your entire body. Using latex gloves during the treatment process will prevent any fake tan from discolouring the palms of your hands. A textured tanning mitt will do the same and the special fibres embedded on the surface will make it easier to rub the product onto your skin in an even layer. It also provides a practical way to tan the hands. Simply remove a mitt from one of your hands and use the other one to fake tan the back of your palm. The sunless tanning cream already absorbed by the fibres during the application will be enough to gently colour the skin.

Avoid putting too much pressure on dry spots like the knuckles because these areas can absorb more product than the rest of the hand. You may also want to polish your fingernails before a treatment as this will protect the nail bed from becoming discoloured.

Get your paws on a bottle of fake tan today and ensure your hands look golden and gorgeous.


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