How to set eyebrow waxing prices

2 Min Read Friday 10th April 2020

Looking for a guide price range for eyebrow waxing treatments? We’d advise between ¬£9-¬£15 for a single brow wax. Settling on an exact figure within this range will depend on your location, how much you need to earn to turn a profit, the price of the products you use and whether you’re running a premium salon or a small mobile operation.

Here are three more things to consider before setting your rates for eyebrow waxing:

Research your competition

Do some groundwork on what the other salons in your area are charging for eyebrow shaping. Perhaps even book an appointment to get a first-hand experience of what’s included in the treatment. Bear in mind that high-end beauticians in affluent areas will charge more than smaller salons or mobile beauty therapists. Where does your business sit in the order of things? Don’t price yourself out of the game but at the same time don’t undersell your service.

What’s the minimum you’d like to earn per hour?

Working backwards and looking at how much you want to earn per hour and breaking it down into treatment times can help you settle on a price list. For example, if you need to earn a certain figure in an hour to make a profit, pay your bills and cover wages you can simply divide that figure by 4 if feel you’d able to complete each treatment within 15 mins.

Ask your target market.

Listen to your current beauty clients and ask them how much they would expect to pay for an eyebrow wax. Survey as many people as you can and come up with an average price using the stats you’ve gathered.

Finally, take a look at our handy wax and brow calculator to gain an accurate idea of how much you could earn per pot of wax for a variety of treatments from leg waxing and eyebrow shaping to bikini waxing and upper lip waxing. Expect to complete up to 450 eyebrow shaping treatments with a single pot of Sienna X warm wax.

Simply toggle the amount you want to charge to clients at the bottom of the tool to get a fuller picture of potential earnings.

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