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How to self-tan your legs and feet

2 Min Read Monday 18th July 2011

Get sun-kissed pins and tanned toes with the Sienna X guide to tanning the legs and feet.

Achieving professional results at home requires a little expert knowledge – here is your self-tanning how-to guide focusing on the lower body.

Nothing beats a leg-lengthening, skin tone-enhancing self-tan to set off daring dresses, thigh-skimming skirts and summery shorts. But how do you get your legs and feet looking salon perfect when it comes to your sunless tan?

As any tanning therapist will tell you, the secret to a flawless, even-toned tan at home is careful application. Knowing how best to apply tan to various areas of the body will give you optimum results without mistakes. With tricky knees, awkward ankles and delicate toes requiring a little extra attention, having the right application techniques for the lower body will help you to avoid tell-tale tan marks.

It’s our mantra at Sienna X, but you can’t forget to exfoliate and moisturise in advance of your tanning treatments. Tackle rough heels with gentle pumicing and make sure any dry skin around the knees and ankles is sloughed away with an exfoliating mitt or scrub, such as our luscious Sienna X eXquisitely soft body polish.

When the time comes to apply your tan, take a self-tanning mitt and small squeeze of tanning product and work from the front of your ankle upwards. Try not to use long swiping motions as this can encourage streaks – wide, gentle circles allow you to blend as you apply. A little moisturiser on the knees and ankles will smooth dry skin and make application much easier.

When it comes to the tops of the feet, don’t spend too long trying to tan the sides or between the toes. Imagine where the sun would hit the feet and concentrate on these areas for the most natural results. Finally, blending around the ankle and the nail bed of the toes will prevent over-tanning and give you a sublime, superbly applied self-tan.



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