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How to remove wax from salon equipment

2 Min Read Friday 8th March 2019

Cleaning up product spillages, drips and dribbles is part and parcel of running a busy salon. The thing is, some salon waxes don’t come off with water alone because they include oil-based resins. This is where a cleaner that’s specifically designed to remove wax residue comes in.

Here are our top tips on the best way to remove wax from salon equipment:

  1. Never use abrasive solvents on your waxing kit as they can dull the metal surfaces of wax heater inserts and remove the temperature markings on the exterior.
  2. Always use a wax equipment cleaner that’s been specially formulated to do the job. Our wax cleaner is an effective all-round cleaning agent that you can use on equipment, counter-tops, floors, product stands and treatment beds without damaging or dulling surfaces. It can even be used on plastic!
  3. Simply apply some wax cleaner to a cloth and wipe over drips and spills to quickly neaten up your workstation. A cloth or a scrunched up piece of couch roll both work well because they won’t leave fibres on your surfaces like cotton wool pads. Adopt the same technique to wipe wax off reusable metal spatulas before sanitising them as usual.
  4. Use a wax strip to remove wax that’s settled on the top of wax heaters while the wax is still warm. Follow up with wax equipment cleaner to remove any residue or stubborn bits that remain.
  5. Pro tip: it’s much easier to remove warm wax than cold wax so wipe down your heater quickly before the wax cools down and hardens. You may prefer to switch your heater back on so the wax can slightly come to temperature again, switch it off and immediately clean it.
  6. Aim to wipe clean your wax heater at the end of each day to avoid a build up of product. Regular, smaller cleans are easier to manage and much faster than longer cleans tacked onto the end of an exhausting week.

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