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How to protect your spray tan after application

2 Min Read Friday 12th August 2011

Don’t risk losing your sunless tan through simple mistakes – protect your spray tan after application with these helpful tips.

Let your spray tan develop to a beautiful finish with our advice on tanning colour protection.

There are a few obvious activities which are definitely worth avoiding until your spray tan has developed properly, such as trips to the swimming pool. If you are going on holiday to swim in the sea, this isn’t as damaging as chlorine in a swimming pool which can bleach your tan. However, the exfoliation from the sand can fade your tan quickly as it sloughs away the top layer of skin to reveal new skin underneath.

The gym is also worth avoiding as the sweat from exercise and friction from clothing can both be bad news for your new spray tan. When showering it is advisable to avoid any exfoliation, whether that is with a shower puff or a body scrub, until you are ready for your tan to blend away. Exfoliation is important in establishing a base for your next tan but it should be avoided if you want to keep your colour.

To avoid washing off your tan ensure showers are light and brief. If you have a power shower turn the pressure down as the strong jets of water can fade your tan. Bathing isn’t recommended, particularly for long soaks, as this can also cause your tan to wear off. Once out of the water, pat skin dry with a towel rather than rubbing vigorously and keep skin well moisturised.

You can expect your sunless tan to last anywhere from a week to ten days. Following these simple tips should help to keep your tan looking vibrant and beautiful until your next spray tanning session.


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