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How to protect nails from fake tan

2 Min Read Friday 6th September 2013

Nail polish and Secret Tan Primer act as barriers to sunless tan.

Keep your fingernails and toenails free from discolouration.

Today’s fake tans are so realistic that no one will ever know that your golden glow has come from a bottle. Formulated to produce streak-free colour that evens out the skin tone, covers blemishes and adds a subtle vibrancy to the skin, Sienna X sunless tanners are the unbeatable champions of the market.

However, if you don’t prepare your skin correctly before your self-tanning treatment you may leave traces of fake tan on your fingernails and toenails. Luckily there are a few easy ways to prevent sunless tanner from staining your nail bed and the tips of your nails.

If you opt for a professional spray tan your therapist will apply a clever little product called barrier cream to your nails and any other areas that need protecting from tanning solution. So there’s no need to worry about discolouration at the salon. If you’re tanning at home with one of our fantastic products you can use the Sienna X Secret Tan Primer as a great alternative. Simply apply over each nail to create a reliable barrier against the product you are using.

You can also use nail varnish to protect your nails from fake tan. Apply a couple of coats of polish to your nails in the same way as you would ordinarily do if you were doing a manicure at home. The polish doesn’t have to be coloured – a clear varnish will work just as well as a dark one.

Allow the fake tan to develop for the allotted time after you’ve completed your treatment and wash off in the shower. Once the guide colour has been washed away you can remove your nail polish or wash away the Secret Tan Primer. And voila! You’ll have beautifully bronzed skin and perfectly manicured nails.

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