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How to promote waxing for men

2 Min Read Tuesday 14th March 2017

Hair removal for men is no longer a niche treatment. Promote¬†waxing for men by showcasing¬†those particular benefits that will appeal to male clientele. Here’s a quick list of the advantages of chest, face and underarm waxing for men:

Defines muscle tone

Removing hair from the chest accentuates the abdominal muscles, instantly making the body appear leaner and stronger. A hair-free back and shoulder area highlights the deltoids too.

Reduces body odour

Underarm waxing takes just minutes but the effects last for up to a month, unlike shaving where stubbly re-growth can reappear the next day. Removing underarm hair reduces body odour because it allows perspiration to evaporate quicker, giving bacteria less time to break it down.

Improves athletic performance

Keen swimmer? A smooth body can slightly reduce resistance and drag when you’re in the water.

Promotes finer and softer re-growth

Regular waxing treatments result in finer re-growth and eliminate stubble — when hair does grow back it won’t itch or feel uncomfortable.¬†Plus, waxing exfoliates the skin too,¬†lending it a gentle, healthy glow.

Eradicates razor burn, nicks and cuts

If you stop using a shaving blade you’ll never be bothered by razor burn and cuts again. In fact, many men like to get their face waxed in order to eliminate those annoying nicks and irritations caused by daily shaving. Waxing the face gives the skin time to heal and results in a softer beard once the hair grows back. A quick wax of the eyebrows (even just the central area above the nose) can also lift the face, making it look neater and cleaner.


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