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How to price waxing treatments

2 Min Read Thursday 31st October 2019

How much should you charge for a leg wax? What’s the average cost? And how are you supposed to decide if you’ve set your rate too high or too low?

We’ve got a handy adjustable waxing calculator right here that you can use to estimate how much you can earn per treatment using Sienna X salon waxes. As a rough guide here’s a list of approximate prices for a selection of treatments (for full details of the products used to calculate these figures and the profit you could make click here)

  • Half leg: ¬£15-¬£29
  • Full leg: ¬£28-¬£39
  • Eyebrow shaping: ¬£9-¬£15
  • Upper lip: ¬£6-¬£10
  • Bikini line: ¬£15-¬£30
  • Brazilian: ¬£32-¬£44

Again, bear in mind that these prices are a guide rather than a fixed rate.

Your prices will vary depending on your location, overheads and quality of service.

For example, a waxing salons set in the heart of an affluent city can charge more than a smaller set up in a different area, simply because clients have more disposable income.

Your earnings must also be high enough to cover expenses, such as rent, employee salaries, equipment and insurance. If you’re not making a profit then consider raising your prices, cutting back elsewhere to make up the shortfall or going heavier on promotion to attract more clients.

Create waxing treatments with a luxury feel and you can definitely charge more per session too. As your expertise grows and you begin to offer premium treatments, such as Brazilian waxing and waxing for men, you can charge accordingly. Remember, intimate waxing might take the same amount of time as a simple leg wax but your client is paying for your experience, specialist knowledge and the pampering setting you’ve learnt how to perfect over the years.

Don’t forget to mix things up with seasonal offers either, such as Christmas waxing specials or Valentine’s packages, where you can adjust your prices knowing that you will recoup the difference in increased footfall.

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