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How to prepare for a Brazilian wax

2 Min Read Tuesday 11th June 2019

A Brazilian wax goes a bit further than a standard bikini wax where only the hair at the sides, and sometimes the top, of the knicker line is removed. With a Brazilian, the hair under and around the back of your bottom is removed too, leaving behind a long, thin area of hair at the very front, commonly referred to as a landing strip.

If you’ve never had a Brazilian bikini wax before here’s how to prepare for one:

Trim down long hairs

If you’re hair is quite long you may need to trim it down before your treatment. Leave behind at least 1/2 inch of growth for the wax to grip to your hairs — anything shorter and it won’t work, anything longer and it will be tricky for your therapist to apply the wax without dragging your hair and it feeling uncomfortable.

Shower and exfoliate

A quick shower will freshen you up before your wax and make for more of a pleasant treatment. While you’re in the shower use a gentle exfoliator on your skin to help lift out any ingrown hairs that may have developed from shaving to encourage a smoother wax that removes every last hair in one quick motion.

Avoid moisturiser and body oils

The ingredients in some cosmetic body products can form a barrier on your skin preventing wax from shrink-wrapping around your hairs. Bypass the body lotion just for the day so your wax can grab onto your hairs effectively and promote a cleaner wax, that’s free from hair breakages.


Easier said than done, but try to stay relaxed during your treatment. If you feel anxious about revealing your body, remember your therapist has seen it all before. And the more at ease you feel, the quicker your session will all be over.

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