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How to maintain client modesty during a wax

2 Min Read Tuesday 23rd October 2018

It’s normal for new clients to feel awkward when getting waxed for the first few times. Lots of people feel uncomfortable during intimate bikini line waxes because they’re revealing a private area of their body to a virtual stranger. They can also feel self conscious about how much hair they have as well as any scars or stretch marks visible on their skin. Others are anxious about wrinkly skin, discolouration or sensitivity.¬†Maintaining client modesty is essential to creating a safe and judgement-free environment for your customers. Here’s how to do it:

Explain what you’ll be doing before you do it. At the very start of the treatment tell your client where you’ll begin and how you mean to go on. This simple action gives your client a bit more control over the situation, which can help to alleviate their nerves. This is especially important during high bikini waxes and full on Hollywoods where you may have to ask them to go on all fours to remove every hair from front and back.

Always have a towel to hand. Give your client a clean modesty towel and explain which pieces of clothing they’ll need to remove for their treatment. Also give them the space and time to get ready while you’re out of the room.

Keep disposable underwear available. For Brazilian and Hollywood waxes, a disposable thong/pair of knickers is useful for clients who prefer to cover up their intimate area as much as possible. They can simply reveal portions of their bikini line as they go so they feel in control.

Adopt the reveal, wax and cover. Reveal the skin under the client’s towel in parts, focussing on one side first. Wax the area and immediately cover it up again before doing the same on the other side. Waxing this way is ideal for those who simply aren’t comfortable with removing their towel completely.

Be friendly, keep up the conversation and speed up.¬†Try to chat through the treatment to ease your client’s nerves and if you notice them feeling insecure about their body don’t dwell on it. Get the job done as fast as you can so the embarrassing bits are over quickly.

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