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How to get started with mobile eyebrow tinting

2 Min Read Tuesday 20th August 2019

Did you know Sienna X eyebrow tints come in handy 15ml sizes? Our tint developer and tint remover are also perfectly portioned in 50ml bottles, making them perfect for mobile therapists that can’t carry around lots of heavy kit. Why not offer eyebrow tinting to your waxing clients and drum up some extra profits with little legwork?

Here are the essentials (designed to conveniently fit in an average-sized make up bag) that you’ll need to complete a mobile eyebrow tinting treatment:

Eyebrow tints — we’ve got five different tints to choose from and each compact tube contains enough tint for up to 30 treatments. Simply use them as they are or mix two or more tints to create a bespoke shade for your client that suits their skin tone and complements their natural hair colour.

Dappen dish — do all your mixing in this pocket-sized dappen dish that’s ideal for small amounts and can easily be stowed away in your mobile kit. It doesn’t stain and takes seconds to clean, so you can be ready for your next appointment in an instant.

Tint developer –¬†mix a few drops of tint cream developer with your tint colour to build a custom blend (instructions are inside the packet).

Tint applicator brush — apply the mixture to the brows (or lashes!) using a tint applicator brush and allow to develop for 1-10 minutes before removing. You can repeat the process if your client wishes to intensify the final colour. Birchwood sticks are brilliant for finer work, like coating the tail end of the brows with colour.

Tint remover — finally, once you’ve removed the tint, use a touch of tint remover on the tip of a cotton bud to wipe off any stains left on the skin.

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