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How to get a Fashion Week tan

2 Min Read Wednesday 24th September 2014

The best way to achieve a model-like glow.

Create a caramel tan with a glossy finish.

Want to know how the models at London Fashion Week (LFW) got their gorgeous tans? We know how they did it! Because we were working behind the scenes as the proud sponsors of the Amanda Wakeley show.

Featuring white evening gowns and dresses, the glamorous collection worked beautifully with the models’ glowing skin that was expertly prepped and tanned by our brand ambassador James Harknett.

An extra fine mist of quick-drying tanner was sprayed onto the models so that they could head out onto the catwalk instantly. This light layer of tanner created a gorgeous glossy tan that highlighted, rather than overpowered, the simplicity of the elegant collection.

To achieve the look at home you can use Gradual Glowing Self Tan. Simply apply over the skin in the same way as you would use a moisturiser by blending in the lotion quickly and firmly.

One of James’ clever tricks is to buff the product in on drier spots, such as the elbows, ankles and knees, using a make-up brush. Dry skin tends to ‘grab’ sunless tanner more readily than moisturised areas so it’s essential that you blend the product in well to prevent a patchy finish. The large textured bristles of a bronzing brush are ideal for buffing the colour in and lifting off any surplus tanner.

Your tan will develop over the course of the day, lending your skin a subtle, caramel hue. Apply a touch of moisturiser to lock-in the colour or follow up with some Radiance Body Balm – the fine flecks of golden mica suspended within the luscious formula will reflect the light and illuminate your best bits.

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