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How to get a fake tan to lighten faster

2 Min Read Tuesday 25th April 2017

Try a Sienna X fake tan and we guarantee you’ll fall head over heels for your golden glow. But….we also know that there are lots of reasons why you might want it to lighten a bit quicker.

Perhaps you’ve got a special event coming up and want to prep your skin for another treatment by removing the existing colour? Maybe the tan on¬†your hands and face looks lighter¬†than the rest of your body and you want everything to match up? Or perhaps you simply made a mistake¬†and sploshed too much tanner on to begin with?

Whatever your reasons, here are five ways to get a fake tan to lighten faster:

1. Enjoy a nice soak

Take a long hot bath and allow the warmth of the water to lighten your fake tan. In fact, you can speed up this process by applying olive oil to your skin 15 minutes beforehand and then soaking in the tub.

2. Take a dip

Go for regular dips in the swimming pool — the combination of the chlorine and the warm water will¬†encourage your tan to fade faster.

3. Rummage in the kitchen cabinet

Apply a mix of lemon juice and baking powder to your skin to instantly lighten your golden glow or to even up a patchy finish.

4. Find a good exfoliator

Use an exfoliator mixed with a touch of olive oil to gently remove the dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin and in turn lighten the fake tan. Avoid using a harsh exfoliator because it might take your tan off in patches. Try Polishing Body Scrub — the fine pumice is gentle on the skin and encourages an even fade off.

5. DIY it

Make your own exfoliator with brown sugar and lemon juice for a natural remedy to lightening a patchy tan.

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