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How to fix a patchy fake tan

5 Min Read Friday 14th July 2023

When it comes to self tan, it’s very easy to quickly spot the difference between a well-applied tan and a patchy tan. A patchy tan is a nightmare for all of us looking to achieve that golden glow. The last thing you want is areas of patchy tan, as it can ruin your whole look!

Lucky for you, Sienna X self-tans are a breeze to apply and give a beautifully natural colour to suit every skin tone, not to mention being made of the highest quality products to reduce the risk of areas becoming patchy after being applied. But even the best of us can make a few mistakes and need to fix a patchy fake tan.

But never fear! We’ve got a few Sienna X Secrets to help your return to the glowing god or goddess of your dreams!

If you’ve over-splodged it with your favourite tanner, got a bit heavy-handed with the tan or are just struggling to achieve that even finish, here’s a guide on the best way to fix a patchy fake tan.


This is a bit of a home remedy, but trust us, it works! This will help to even out the tan spread over the area.

Use our Sienna X Eraser Mitt or an exfoliating glove to gently exfoliate the skin, focusing on areas where the fake tan is clinging. Use circular motions and moderate pressure to help remove the top layer of the skin.  The NEW Sienna X Exfoliate Scrub is also a great way to naturally assist in removing aged fake tan. Enriched with ingredients such as Lime Pearl Caviar which is a natural exfoliant for a smoother and brighter complexion. Citric Acid also assists in gently exfoliating to renew the skin.


A trick you may not expect, but opting for a cleansing balm or cleansing lotion can do wonders to reduce areas of a darker colour! If a good cleanser isn’t already part of your existing skincare routine then you should certainly consider adding this extra step!

Just like with your skincare routine, opt to take a little time to cleanse the areas that you aren’t so keen on with a rich and creamy cleanser. Our new Skincare Collection has both the Cleansing Balm and Cleansing Lotion depending on your preferences. Both of these will make a great addition to your existing skincare routine. By using them to cleanse problem areas, you will also find that your tan will sit better and will minimise the risk of it becoming patchy.

This is also a fantastic trick for when your tan has almost faded away, and you want to eliminate any residual colour before a new application of tan. Simply use the cleanser to remove any last stubborn areas of old tan, leaving a fresh and clean base ready for a new application!


If your tan has developed much more deeply than you’d planned, treat yourself to a trip to the steam room at the gym or your favourite day spa.

One thing we know is that steam rooms and saunas do not mix well with tan. They cause fake tan to fade much quicker than usual, often resulting in the tan starting to lighten the next day. If you’re looking to prolong the life of a tan, you should certainly avoid the spa. However, if you’re wanting to fix a patchy tan, they might actually be just what you need!

By jumping into a steam room or sauna, you’ll actually end up sweating off the intensity of the colour until you’re left with a milder finish that’s more natural to even up with gradual tanning options. This will help you to get rid of those patchy areas and will make it easier to touch up spots where the tan has built up unevenly.


Our favourite trick to hide a blotchy tan is to apply the Sienna X Gradual Self Tan over our entire bodies. This award-winning product will moisturise your skin and will leave it with a natural and even tan after only a few hours!

Not only does it smell amazing, but the moisturising ingredients lend the skin a subtle glow which hides smaller colour mistakes by adding vibrancy and radiance to your complexion while looking natural and sunkissed. If you’ve struggled with areas of patchy tan in the past, you can kiss these goodbye with our Gradual Self Tan, as you can add as much or as little as you need to any areas to give you that perfect golden sheen.

A gentle lift of colour will also cover up any lighter areas, creating a seamless finish all over. No one will ever need to know your tan wasn’t flawless, to begin with!

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