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How to cover tan lines using fake tan

2 Min Read Wednesday 7th June 2017

Have tan lines left your back and shoulders looking like a cherry lattice?

We’ve all returned from a day out in the sunshine and been left with annoying marks on our skin left by strappy summer tops, shorts, bikinis and sandals. Cover up those paler areas with a touch of fake tan to create¬†an even, seamless glow.

Here’s our four-step guide to camouflaging tan lines using sunless tanner:

  1. For a super-quick solution to covering up tan lines use Express Tanning Mist. This¬†on-the-go top-up is essentially a spray tan in a can and is a breeze to apply. Get a friend to cover up your tanned skin with a sheet of cling film, leaving the paler strap lines exposed. Then carefully spray the product over those visible tan lines and remove the cling film. Express Tanning Mist¬†is formulated to be ultra-speedy, so¬†you’re skin will look beautifully even within 4-8 hours.

  2. If you’ve got a little more time, apply a gradual tanner to any spots where the colour needs to be evened up. Instead of a tanning mitt that covers large areas, use your fingertips to gently buff in the product. Continue to do this over the course of the next few days until you have a good colour match.

  3. Once your tan lines have been fully hidden, apply an all-over tanner over your entire body to even up any colour disparities. This extra layer of colour will seamlessly camouflage those tan lines and hide any imperfections.

  4. Always apply a rich moisturiser over your skin daily to lock-in the sun-kissed colour and lengthen the lifespan of your tan.

**If you’re suffering from sunburn, wait until any redness has subsided and your skin has healed before applying fake tan. A professional spray tan can also help to counteract remaining redness by mellowing out the skin tone. As ever, we always recommend that a fake tan is the safest solution to attaining golden skin. Plus, you’ll never be left with tan lines!**

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