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How to close a Sienna X pop up cubicle

2 Min Read Monday 15th April 2019

How on earth are you supposed to get a pop up cubicle back into the tiny case it comes with? Is it witchcraft?

Actually, the wizardy behind the nifty shape-shifting properties of a mobile tanning cubicle comes courtesy of a magic ingredient called memory wire. It’s this special wire that’s used to create the structure of a pop up tent because it’s lightweight, easily opens up and naturally returns to its original closed shape with some gentle coaxing.

An erected tanning tent made with memory wire can fold back down quickly in just a few moves. All it takes is a little know how and less than 10 seconds to stow a cubicle away in its carry case ready for your next client. Try these step-by-step instructions or watch this video on how to close up a Sienna X pop up cubicle to learn more:

  1. Grasp the steel frame at mid-height of the cubicle.
  2. Firmly push one side of the frame towards the inside corner of the cubicle to create two sides that look like an open book.
  3. Now close the ‘open book’ by folding both sides together to create a single section.
  4. Hold onto the clear section at the top of the cubicle and fold down the upper portion away from yourself so it meets the lower part of the frame.
  5. Bring your hands together and the memory wire will encourage the cubicle to fold back into a neat circle shape all on its own (you’ll have 3 circles, or loops, lying flat on each other).
  6. Hold the sides firmly together and give it a shake making sure to keep the loops stacked on top of each other.
  7. Place inside your storage bag ready for your next appointment.

Order your pop up cubicle here.

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