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How to choose the right shade of fake tan

2 Min Read Tuesday 26th September 2017

Select the perfect shade of fake tan for your skin tone by considering these two questions:

What’s your natural complexion like?

English rose, caramel queen or burnished beauty? Choose your tanner wisely.

  • A rich tanner will look over-the-top on someone who has, for example, a naturally pale skin tone and red hair. Just a couple of shades darker, rather than a full-on tan, is usually enough to lend the skin a golden glow. In fact, the Sienna X Gradual Self Tan Lotion is ideal because the results are subtle but noticeable. Plus, if your finished look is too light you can simply add another layer of product until you reach your desired shade.
  • Black and Asian skin tones work well with stronger tanners that show up better against darker complexions. These richer fake tans, like Deep Self Tan Lotion, camouflage blemishes and add a radiant sheen to dull, dry areas of the skin.
  • Olive skin tones experience the best of both worlds because their complexions can handle subtle tanners and the darker drama of a richer tan.

How long have you got to tan?

  • Gradual tanners are fab for using every now and again, like a nourishing body moisturiser, because they develop over the course of the day and don’t need to be washed off. Although the results will gradually begin to fade, you can easily add another layer of colour whenever the mood strikes to create a personalised tan.
  • Traditional fake tans need to be left on the skin to develop fully (6-8 hours) before they can be washed away but with the right care you’ll be able to retain your colour for at least a week without the need for re-application.
  • Newer formulas, like our Sienna X 1 Hour Self Tan Lotion, are ready to wash off in 60 minutes and tanning mousses that have a light texture are perfect for men who need to blend their tanner over facial hair and body hair.


Still a bit unsure? Use our tan finder tool to select the best shade for you — you’re just a couple of clicks away from ordering your dream golden glow in a bottle.

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