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How to choose a waxing salon

2 Min Read Thursday 26th September 2019

Looking for a new waxing salon? Here are seven things to think about before you make that booking:

  1. Is it clean and tidy inside? A messy salon is a sign of a messy waxer so make a visit before fixing an appointment so you can take a look at the facilities first. Also check if all new clients’ undergo a consultation with a therapist. A professional salon should always recommend a consultation first to gauge your needs and pick up on any skin sensitivities and contraindications.
  2. Listen to recommendations from your friends and family; they’re like gold dust. Also search for reviews online via the salon’s social media platforms.
  3. And while you’re on Facebook and Instagram, check if each feed is updated regularly with images, news and client conversation. A busy and successful salon will most likely have a busy social media profile too.
  4. Ask about special offers, discounts and loyalty cards. They’re brilliant for helping you to make a saving, especially if you plan on booking regular, longstanding waxing appointments.
  5. Does the salon that’s been recommended to you offer all the services you require? If you’re after a Brazilian or Hollywood wax opt for a salon that has experienced therapists who are well versed in waxing intimate areas, instead of a smaller beautician that offers the basics.
  6. Do you want the salon to come to you? If you find it difficult to get out to the salon because of mobility issues or simply want to save on commuting time, look out for mobile waxing therapists who’ll complete your treatment in the comfort of your own home.
  7. How much would you like to spend? Bear in mind that investing in a premium service means you’ll often receive a luxury treatment in return. Opting for a no frills option will mean exactly that; no extras and in and out fast. Think about what type of experience you’d like to have at the salon and choose accordingly.

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