How to apply self-tan to those tricky areas

Your expert guide on how to self-tan difficult areas.

Learn how best to tackle those hard-to-tan places with these expert tanning tips.

Let’s face it, there are some spots that are harder to get right than others when it comes to applying self-tan, so here’s your guide to a perfect fake tan application!

Notoriously awkward places to tan include the face, knees, elbows and back. For a professional looking fake tan it is essential that you don’t miss out these places when applying your sunless tanning product.

Applying fake tan to your face is easy when you know how! Make sure you exfoliate the skin and moisturise the night before, but remember to wash off any residue before you apply your sunless tanning product. Wear latex gloves to protect your hands and sweep hair off the face with a headband.

Next, apply your self-tan in small amounts, being careful to avoid the eye area. Pay special attention to the area surrounding the nose and don’t apply tanning product directly to the eyebrows.

For perfectly tanned elbows and knees, thorough exfoliation and moisturisation ahead of your treatment is a must. Applying moisturiser sparingly to these areas just before tanning will allow the colour to blend in smoothly and help to avoid streaks.

To apply fake tan to your back and shoulders, reach for the cling film! Placing a small dab of tanning product in the centre of a strip of cling film lets you reach that tricky spot in the centre of your back. Simply rub your back gently as you would with a towel. If you’d rather apply it by hand, rubbing in your tanning product in small amounts and carefully working from your shoulder blades in towards the middle of your back is the best way to ensure all areas are covered and streak-free.