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How to apply fake tan

3 Min Read Friday 20th July 2012

A quick run-down of our most reliable tanning tips.

Follow these guidelines if you’re a tanning newbie.

Modern fake tan formulations are designed to be easy to apply, quick to develop and super-simple to prolong, enhance and glamourise.

However, you might feel a bit daunted by the prospect of adding sunless tan to your skin if you’ve never done it before.

Check out our top tips for applying fake tan and become an expert in the time it takes to read this blog post:

1. Prep the skin. The right kind of preparation will make it dead easy for you to rub the fake tan lotion onto your skin. This is achieved by creating an even base. Simply shave or wax 24/48 hours before you plan on carrying out your treatments to ensure that all open pores close – this will prevent the chances of creating a dotty or streaky finish.

2. Moisturise. Slather some moisturiser onto your skin to enliven the cells a day before your treatment. This will lock in some extra hydration and reduce the number of dry skin cells on the surface of your skin. Add a little extra to areas of the body that are prone to dryness, such as the elbows, to avoid the risk of an uneven result.

3. Get comfortable. Try to stand in a comfortable position when you start to apply the fake tan to your skin. This will make it much easier to carry out the treatment quickly if you’re short on time. Use a tanning mitt if you can because this will give you a better chance of achieving a professional finish. However, if you don’t have one, just pop on a pair of gloves to prevent your hands from becoming discoloured.

4. Start at your feet. Begin applying the fake tan from your feet and slowly move upwards. Rub the product onto your skin in gentle circular motions until you feel you have covered every area as evenly as possible. When you reach your face make sure to start off with a very small amount of product mixed with Radiance Body Balm and rub it into the skin just like a moisturiser.

5. Relax. Once you’ve applied the fake tan you should allow it to dry properly before putting on some loose clothing. When the colour has developed fully you can wash the product off in the shower, pat the skin dry and finish off with a little bit of moisturiser to help prolong your gorgeous glow for as long as possible.

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