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How to apply fake tan mousse

2 Min Read Tuesday 29th October 2019

Lotions, sprays, mousses and drops — today’s fake tanning products come in an array of textures that each boast a tonne of specific benefits. Here’s more on the positives of using a tanning mousse:

Why use a tanning mousse?

A tanning mousse has a lighter texture than a tanning lotion and feels foamy to the touch. The aerated formula has a featherweight consistency, which glides over the skin easily. Some people prefer this over a thicker lotion because it buffs into the skin quickly.

Fake tanning mousse is also brilliant for men because it blends well over hairy chests, legs and stubble. Plus, it stays fresher for longer as its packaged in an aerosol can instead of a bottle.

How to apply fake tan mousse

Shake the can well, hold it upright and dispense a small amount onto your tanning mitt. Remember this is an aerosol mousse so it will expand as its dispensed — a little will go a long way.

Begin by applying the tanner to your legs in circular motions, slowly working your way up. Use the excess tan on your mitt to sweep the product over your ankles and knees and then continue up over the torso.

Gently blend the tanner over your decolletage, neck and face before moving down your arms and finally onto your back.

After the 8 hours development time, shower off the guide colour until the water runs clear, pat dry your skin and continue to moisturise daily to maintain your glow.

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