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How to apply clear tanning solution

2 Min Read Monday 30th March 2020

Clear tanning solution eliminates the risk of colour transfer, making it a brilliant option for brides who want to keep their wedding dress looking perfectly pristine for their walk down the aisle. Why not add bridal tanner to your spray tan treatment list in time for wedding season?

Transparent tanning solution works in the same way as a traditional spray tan solution that comes with a guide colour. That means you can apply it in exactly the same way too — the only difference is that you won’t be able to immediately tell which bits of your client’s body you’ve covered with product.

The best way to apply a guideless tanning solution is to follow a strict step-by-step routine so you’re always on the ball. Don’t veer from your regular technique or take a break as there’s a risk you could apply product over the same area twice or miss bits out.

Bridal tanning solution is the perfect fit for experienced spray tan therapists who’ve developed such a strong muscle memory that they can apply a flawless tan with their eyes closed. It can be trickier for newbies simply because they need the reassurance of seeing a guide colour but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done with a bit of extra training and know-how.

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