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How often should you wax your eyebrows?

2 Min Read Tuesday 4th April 2017

Eyebrow waxing is a simple way to give yourself an instant face lift.

A professional brow shape frames the eyes and highlights the browbone, which opens up the face and balances out the features. Plus, grooming the area around those baby blues creates a polished look that makes a subtle but noticeable impact.

A professional brow shape frames the eyes and highlights the browbone

How often you wax your eyebrows will depend on how quickly your hair grows — some clients visit the salon every couple of weeks for a full re-shape whereas others, with a slower rate of growth, visit infrequently for a quick tidy up. Some might even pop in for a correction if they’ve over-tweezed and need a guiding hand to point them in the right direction when it comes to creating that perfect arch.

Hairs will often grow back thinner or sparser in some areas if you regularly get your brows waxed. That means you can leave longer periods of time in between appointments to remove those few hairs that remain. However, as fashions change, you might want to grow out your eyebrows for a couple of months before a complete re-shape.

Plucking stray hairs with tweezers in between waxing appointments is fine if you feel you need it. Having said that, leaving¬†the hairs to grow out means that when you do get them waxed you’ll benefit from a longer¬†re-growth period.

Beauty salons also offer eyebrow tinting. Why not match your brows to your hair colour, darken them to turn them into a dramatic feature or lighten them to further accentuate your cheekbones?

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