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How much should I charge for a spray tan?

2 Min Read Friday 6th October 2017

Fixing treatment prices is one of the trickiest aspects of setting up a beauty business. We all want to make a profit but how much is too much? Could you be pricing yourself out of the market? Or are you undercharging and losing a chunk of earnings that could be reinvested in your salon?

After all, how much should you be charging your clients for a spray tan?

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer because the prices you set will depend on your location, services and expertise. But here’s our advice on coming up with an approximate figure:

Assess the market

Note down the rates at other spray tan salons to give yourself an idea of local prices. You can do all this online but visiting each location will give you a better understanding of the style of nearby salons too — a small set up will likely charge a little less than a full-on beauty service with premium decor and luxury treatments. Think about whether your business will be sitting at the higher or lower end of this spectrum.

Analyse your business plan

You’ll need to factor in overheads, equipment, supplies, employee pay, marketing and promotional costs before considering your charges. It might be an idea to set up a starter mobile business versus a fully fledged salon to begin with where you can work alone and make a worthwhile profit straight away. You’ll also hone your skills with practice; as your expertise grows you’ll be able to charge more and fit a greater number of treatments in to your working day.

Talk to Sienna

We’re always available for a chat on 0333 600 1200 to offer useful advice based on our years of industry experience. For example, our Bronze Kit Package, which retails at ¬£374.17 + VAT, can generate an ¬£800 revenue based on charging ¬£20 per spray tan. It makes a superb starter kit for new businesses and includes training too. Why not start there?

***Remember, specialist tans, like body contouring or guideless application, are premium treatments that can be priced at higher rates than regular tans. In other words, as your skills grow, the sky’s the limit!***

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