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How many times do I have to wax before my hair grows less?

2 Min Read Friday 19th July 2019

Hair experts say regular waxing reduces hair growth. But how long does it take to see and feel a difference? Will it take forever?

The time it takes for your hair to get finer and sparser will depend on which area of the body you’re waxing, how often you go for a treatment and your genes. There’s no uniform answer for everyone unfortunately.

Hair along the bikini line tends to be denser, stronger and thicker than on the legs and arms so it can take a bit longer for it to get thinner. Regular treatments will eventually weaken your hair follicles and hopefully reduce growth but this will depend on how dense your hair is to begin with.

The thing is, your hair will feel finer when it grows back after your first wax anyway. This is especially true if you’re used to shaving. A razor cuts through hair follicles so each one feels blunt and stubbly to the touch when it grows back. With waxing, each hair is pulled out from the root so a new one has to grow from scratch. These new hairs have a fine, tapered tip so they instantly feel softer.

Waxing has so many brilliant benefits that tip the scales in its favour, from exfoliating the skin and removing downy hairs to eliminating peach fuzz and improving the skin’s tone and texture. Start waxing today to enjoy all these positives. Stick to a regular routine and you’ll definitely see and feel an improvement in your hair growth that you’ll never achieve from other forms of hair removal.

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