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How many days before Christmas should I fake tan?

2 Min Read Thursday 6th December 2018

When’s the best time to fake tan before Christmas? Will my fake tan last if I apply it before Christmas Eve? Will I have to top-up my gradual tanner during party season? Here are all the fake tanning answers you’ve been looking for this yuletide:

Gradual tanner

Gradual tanner¬†is just like the tipple in a xmas cake — apply it every couple of days, in the same way as you’d ‘feed’ a fruit cake every now and then, to create a richer colour in time for Christmas Day. Start a week before the big day to build up your glow until you reach your desired shade.

Traditional fake tan

If you take care of your skin, there’s no reason why you can’t apply a traditional fake tan a whopping five days before Christmas, helping you to tick one job off your massive to-do list in advance. Just be sure to moisturise every day to protect your colour, avoid things that can lighten your tan prematurely, like¬†swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms, and opt for quick showers over long hot baths during the run up to Christmas. If you find that your tan has lost some of its depth try a single application of gradual tanner to bring it back to life and rejuvenate your glow.

Fast-acting fake tan

Who’s got the time to sit around in fake tan all day when there are presents to be wrapped, carols to be sung and a slew of parties to attend? Give our One Hour Self Tan (available in lotion, spray or mist) a whirl and be ready to party in 60 minutes! Apply in the same way as a regular fake tan and wait an hour before washing the guide colour off in the shower. Your golden tan will gently develop over the next couple of hours so you can get on with your Xmas prep (or parties) immediately. What’s more, because this self tan is so quick you can even apply it on Christmas morning if you haven’t had the time to fit an earlier treatment in. However, we’d recommend applying it the night before to allow it to fully develop and settle on your skin while you catch some zzzs (or listen out for Santa’s sleigh bells!).

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