How long does it take for a fake tan to fade?

Sienna X self-tanners are formulated to fade evenly.

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Fake tanning is the fastest route to looking gorgeously bronzed, radiantly sun-kissed and beautifully golden this summer. But how long does a sunless tan last and why does it fade away?

All sienna X self-tanners contain a special substance called DHA, which causes the skin to darken by reacting with the air and the amino acids on the surface of the skin. This darkening process is similar to the way an apple begins to brown when exposed to the air. DHA is non-toxic and completely safe to use, making fake tanning the perfect alternative to tanning in the sun. Only the top layer of the skin is affected and the final colour produced will depend on the concentration of DHA in the product you have opted to use.

Your sienna X fake tan will fade in the same was as a tan in the sun. The skin cells on the surface of your skin will gradually fall away to reveal the new skin beneath, taking their golden colour along with them. This means that the fading process occurs slowly and evenly with the passing of time without the creation of unsightly patches and streaks. You can help the process along by using Polishing Body Scrub on your skin about four to five days after your treatment to encourage an even fade off.

In some cases a sunless tan can last for more than a week when cared for properly. Simply avoid using harsh shower gels that can strip the colour and stick to gentle products like Balance Body Wash. Moisturise the skin daily with Radiance Body Balm to reduce the skin’s natural sloughing process and lock-in the sun-kissed finish.

Use Express Tanning Mist to add some extra colour to the areas of the body where your tan has started to fade, such as the hands, feet and face. Instant Bronzing Gel is ideal for a fast tan that can be washed off at the end of the day. Apply to the skin in the same way as a moisturiser when your time is short and watch the colour develop in seconds!