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How long do I need to heat hot wax before a treatment?

2 Min Read Tuesday 11th September 2018

The amount of time you’ll need to heat your hot wax up depends on the strength and size of your wax heater unit.

Our Digital Double Wax heater has two compartments so you can heat a couple of wax varieties at the same time if you prefer (this is useful if you’re a mobile therapist because you can fit both warm and hot wax in your kit without bulking it out). Our Digital Single Wax heater is perfect for busy salons that require compact equipment that can fit snugly on a treatment counter or trolley.

Both varieties of Sienna X wax heater feature a digital temperature reading and two heat settings:

  1. Fast mode, which heats wax in approximately 10 mins
  2. Standard mode, which heats wax in approximately 20-25mins

The advantage to having two settings is that you can quickly melt down more wax if you’re having a very busy day and run out of prepped product faster than you’d imagined. It’s also useful for those moments when you’ve simply forgotten to pop your machine on and your first client of the day has arrived. The standard setting is ideal for a regular salon day and heats the wax more gently.

As always double check the wax is at a comfortable temperature before applying it to your client’s skin.

Also remember to carry out visual checks for wear and tear,¬†such as frayed wires, on any wax heater you’re currently using.¬† You must also have it checked regularly by a qualified electrician who can administer Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

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