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How does fake tan work?

2 Min Read Wednesday 7th March 2012

Time for a quick science lesson.

Learn about the sunless tanning process.

Practical, easy to apply and super convenient, fake tan in a bottle has become a global phenomenon. Men and women across the world use it regularly to give their skin a beautifully bronzed glow because it’s quick and completely safe. But how does it actually work?

Inside every bottle of fake tan is a substance called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and it is this simple carbohydrate that leads to the skin’s colour changes.

DHA reacts with the oxygen in the air and the amino acids in the top layer of the skin, causing it to darken gradually through a natural chemical reaction. Only the dead cells on the surface of the skin are affected by this clever process, which means a fake tan will slowly begin to fade as these cells start to fall off.

The level of DHA in the fake tan lotion you go for will determine how dark the final colour will be Рthe higher the concentration, the deeper the end result. Here at Sienna X we stock sensational sunless tanning products that can create the perfect tan for your skin. Containing 4% DHA,  The Gradual Untinted Self Tan Lotion is a rich moisturising cream that builds up a natural looking tan. Designed to help the skin to appear firmer and smoother, it features an anti-cellulite formula and fragranced with coconut and vanilla.

Our Ultra Dark Q10 Tinted Self Tan Lotion has a greater amount of DHA, making it the ideal choice if you want to achieve your deepest and most gorgeous deeper tan. This takes just eight hours to fully develop, which means you can apply it in the morning and enjoy a lovely glow, then wash off after to reveal an even tan.

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