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How do Sienna X spray tanning machines work?

2 Min Read Wednesday 20th April 2011

Find out how our miraculous spray tanning machines from Sienna X help you to get the perfect glow.

Professional spray tanning equipment utilises advanced technology in order to give you a stunning spray tan treatment in just ten minutes – discover how it works!

Have you ever wondered how your Sienna X therapist’s spray tanning machine manages to get superb results? Well Sienna X will reveal all!

Professional spray tanning equipment is composed of a number of parts. There is a colour unit which comprises the main body of the machine and a flexible hose which is attached to the spray tanning machine and this connects up to the spray tan gun.

Your tanning therapist will often wear latex gloves to protect their hands during the treatment and will wear their salon uniform whilst operating the spray tanning gun.

Spray tan machines can be operated in a designated spray tan cubicle within a beauty or tanning salon, or alternatively, they can be used in a handy pop-up tent. This keeps the mist from the spray tanning gun contained within the spray tanning booth and offers privacy whilst tanning.

Tanning guns are often HVLP, which means ‘high volume low pressure’ and this system works by channelling warm air at a low pressure through the spray gun to distribute the tanning product in a fine mist. During this process the spray tanning formula is ‘atomised’ into fine particles, allowing for precision application of colour onto the skin. This is often powered by a turbine motor within the spray tanning machine. A spray tanning extractor fan is another essential item of equipment in a spray tanning booth and draws away overspray from the tanning mist.

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