How dark should I tint my eyebrows?

2 Min Read Thursday 29th August 2019

Dark brows add drama, depth and glamour to your face. But deciding how dark to go with your eyebrow tint will depend on your complexion, hair colour and the final look you’re aiming for.

Beauty therapists advise going a shade darker than your natural hair colour to instantly make your brows look thicker, fuller and longer.

  • Dark blondes suit warm tones where as platinum blondes can handle golden shades.
  • Light brunettes match perfectly with warmer browns but chocolatey-brunettes can take on a richer colour.
  • Copper toned redheads work well with dark copper brows, and deeper redheads with auburn locks suit brown tones.

Of course there’s nothing stopping you from teaming your bleached blonde hair with almost-black brows if you want to go for that glamorous Marilyn Monroe look. In fact, a heavier-set, dark brow frames the face and draws attention to the eyes. Some studies have shown that this facial contrast — the subtle difference between your hair, brow and skin colour — can actually help you look younger to others.

Softening the edge off a darker brow, particularly if you’ve lightened your hair colour, can also emphasise youthfulness. Bleaching dark eyebrows to blonde on the other hand, can appear much harsher. This statement look often features on catwalks because of its bold, eye-catching finish.

Your signature style is a representation of your personality and preferences, so experiment with different shades until you find the colour that suits you. And, as the seasons change, you try a new hair colour or your style simply evolves, you can adapt your brow colour to match.

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